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Planning to Change the World: A Plan Book for Social Justice Teachers

Planning to Change the World: A Plan Book for Social Justice Teachers is a plan book for educators who believe their students can, will, and already do change the world. It is designed to help teachers translate their vision of a just education into concrete classroom activities.

Returning in 2024

About the Book


Dear Community,
Unfortunately, the 2023-2024 Planning to Change the World plan book will not be available for purchase this school year. Last year, EdLib made the difficult decision to pause all of our outward programming, including the plan book. However, rest assured; we are currently in the process of picking up the creation of our 2024-2025 plan book. Please look out for updates.


This unique resource has all the things you would expect in a lesson plan book plus:

  • Weekly planning pages packed with important social justice birthdays and historical events
  • References to online lesson plans and resources related to those dates
  • Tips from social justice teachers across the country
  • Inspirational quotes to share with students
  • Thought-provoking essential questions to spark classroom discussions on critical issues
  • Reproducible social justice awards for students

…and much more.

2020-2021 Sample Pages

Click to download the sample pages.

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With gratitude to our guest editors of this special feature, we present this 8-page resource to support educators participating in the Black Lives Matter at School National Week of Action. The guide includes questions to guide inquiry at the level of the classroom, the school, and the community, as well as foundational principles and an example of one teacher bringing BLM at School alive. Available for free download, and please feel free to share with credit to the guest editors: Awo Okaikor Aryee-Price, Marcia Fernandez, and Christopher Rogers.


Click to download the Black Lives Matter Special Feature.


It has never been more important for our classrooms to be in conversation with the world around us. Planning to Change the World is an incredible resource that gives teachers and students a set of tools with which to develop the critical consciousness necessary to interrogate the world as it is, and to imagine the possibilities of a better one.

Clint Smithwriter, scholar, and author Counting Descent

Teaching is hard work, and teaching with a social justice perspective is even harder. This book, with its wisdom, inspiration, and resources, could not have come at a better time! Every teacher – novice, veteran, and in-between – will love Planning to Change the World.

Sonia NietoProfessor Emerita, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

After 18 years in the classroom I have found a planning book that treats teaching as an art form.  On virtually every page of this book, I find myself challenged and inspired to think more deeply about the importance of what I do every day in the classroom.

Jeff Duncan-Andradeco-founder of Roses in Concrete School

...an imaginative and innovative idea in the field of education. It is something that teachers all over the country who have social consciences will find useful because it will give them an opportunity and a framework for putting into practice what they believe. I hope it will be widely adopted.

Howard Zinnauthor of A People's History of the United States

Useful, hopeful and visionary, Planning to Change the World is just what every radical teacher needs.

Wayne AuRethinking Schools

Finally, a plan book that is enlightening, provocative and fun. A unique and powerful teaching tool that honors students by bringing to the forefront the stories of their communities. It's a weekly reminder of how much we've achieved and how much we have left to do.

Lisa Delpitauthor of Other People's Children