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BIPOC Ethnic Studies Learning Cohort 2021-22 Kick-off (Oct 2021)

On Saturday, October 16, 2021, the new cohort of the BIPOC Ethnic Studies learning/mentoring cohort kicked off their year of work together by attending the Learning from Place: Bdote trip through the Minnesota Humanities Center. The group learned about Dakota history, philosophy, and contemporary life from Dakota educators, Ramona Kitto Statelyand Ethan Neerdaels. It was a beautiful day to be in community with those educators and with each other.

BIPOC Ethnic Studies Mentoring Network Kickback (Sept 2021)

On September 24, 2021, EdLibMN organized a gathering to hear from members of our first mentoring network cohort and to recruit participants for our second cohort! It was the first time many of the network participants were meeting each other in person and it was great to meet some of the participants’ families and colleagues.

Inaugural Ethnic Studies Summer Camp (Aug 2021)

In early August 2021, over forty educators, many with their families, spent two days at the St. Croix Norway Point camp for a joyful learning experience that included workshops that explored the intersections of Ethnic Studies and arts, Youth Participatory Action Research, community cultural wealth, and controversies within Ethnic Studies. We learned from elders such as Ricardo Levins Morales and from the young people who brought their incredible energy, insights, and enthusiasm.

Social Justice & Teachers’ Unions (April 2021)

On Friday, April 30th, EdLib MN hosted a public event that focused on centering social justice in labor education movements. We heard from Jesse Hagopian, co-editor of Social Justice and Teachers’ Unions, and Robin Wonsley Worlobah, who is in the running to be Minneapolis’ first Black Socialist City Council member.
More from the Speakers

Ethnic Studies: From Policy to the Classroom (Nov 2020)

On Monday, November 23rd, 2020, Education for Liberation Minnesota hosted a panel of teacher/activists from states across the country that have passed or are currently considering some form of Ethnic Studies legislation. Panelists include Pang Yang (MN), Andrew Gonzales (Austin, TX), Ismael Jimenez (Philadelphia, PA), and Dr. Emily Bautista (Los Angeles, CA). The session was moderated by Curtis Acosta from the Education for Liberation Network.

Sponsored by the Education for Liberation Network and the Macalester College Educational Studies Department.

About the Panelists

Pang Yang is a dedicated multilingual veteran teacher and the mother of seven children. Pang is also a founder of Project Tshav Ntuj, a movement to destigmatize mental health in the Hmong community, and a new non-profit, MN Zej Zog, which empowers the Hmong community by nurturing the Hmong language, healing through the arts and wellness, and becoming more powerful through education across the generations.

Andrew Gonzales currently teaches middle school STEM, Ethnic Studies, and the History of Pop Music at Lively Middle School in Austin, TX. For the previous 5 years, he taught Ethnic Studies at the high school level, was a member of the curriculum design team, and a teacher of the Ethnic Studies course in Austin since its inaugural year.

Ismael Jimenez is a dedicated educator who, for the last fifteen years, has worked with students in Philadelphia from preschool age to high school. Currently, Ismael is a core member of the Racial Justice Organizing Committee, Black Lives Matter Philly, founding member of the Melanated Educators Collective, and co-founder of the Philadelphia Black History Collaborative.

Dr. Emily Bautista's commitment to advancing Ethnic Studies began as a youth organizer at UCLA and continued in her work as a Los Angeles high school teacher, school leader, and founding member of the People's Education Movement in Los Angeles. As a scholar-activist, Emily's research explores Transformative Youth Organizing as a decolonizing social movement framework.

Moderator: Dr. Curtis Acosta was a high school teacher for nearly 20 years in Tucson, Arizona, where he developed and taught Chican@/Latin@ Literature classes for the renowned Mexican American Studies program in the Tucson Unified School District. He is an award-winning educator was featured in the documentaries Precious Knowledge and Dolores.

Bipoc Ethnic Studies Learning Cohort 2020-2021 Virtual Kick-off (Aug 2020)

On August 6th, 2020, Education for Liberation Minnesota hosted a virtual kickoff event via Zoom to introduce the Ethnic Studies learning cohort to prospective mentees and mentors.

To watch the video with the chat messages (which include various links and resources), click here. Password: vp1gcQ&y

Info about and resources from presenters

Mankwe Ndosi


Dr. Rose Brewer


Youth Ethnic Studies Coalition video

Link for youth in Minnesota to share their perspectives on Ethnic Studies via short videos


Dr. Meredith McCoy

Presentation slides

Article about the lesson plan Dr. McCoy shared: “Beyond Pocahontas: Learning from Indigenous Women Changemakers,” co-authored with Sarah B. Shear, Leilani Sabzalian, and Lakota Pochedly as the Turtle Island Social Studies Collective. Social Studies and the Young Learner 31, no. 3 (2019): 7–13.


Dr. McCoy requests that you support the work of local movements and organizations that support Native youth (such as MIGIZI) as a way to honor her work.


Dr. Jimmy Patino

Chicano movement in Westside St. Paul


Dr. Yuichiro Onishi


Pang Yang, Park Center High School, Osseo Public Schools

Presentation slides


Rahel Tekam


Participatory Budgeting Project