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MPD150 Report Companion Curriculum

In the summer after the murder of George Floyd and the beginning of the Minneapolis Uprising, a group of Twin Cities students and educators came together to create an accompanying curriculum to the MPD150 Report, a community-written history of the Minneapolis Police Department. We wrote this because it’s important to us, and wanted to make sure our school communities had some resources to teach this important work to contextualize and understand the long history bringing us to this moment. It’s not just a brief current event to mention and return to the previously scheduled programming. Where are we going now? Let’s go!

More Resources

Journal: Ethnic Studies Pedagogies 2023, Vol. 1, Issue 1, co-edited by Brian Lozenski

Video: Anita Chikkatur talks about her definition of public scholarship and how EdLibMN fits into her public scholarship work

Panel: “You’ve Got to be Carefully Taught: Our classrooms are where our children get their social lenses” featuring Brian Lozenski and Rose Brewer

Radio Interview: Brian Lozenski on Steele Talkin’ with Jearlyn Steele – The Push for Ethnic Studies in Minnesota Social Studies State Standards (begins at the 8:06 mark)

Statement: “Schools without police: Our vision for liberatory education in Minneapolis and beyond” by The Education for Liberation Network, MN Chapter

Article: “On ‘learning loss’ and the critical need to address existing inequities in education” by Joaquin Muñoz and Jennifer Diaz

Article: “The Black Radical Tradition Can Help Us Imagine a More Just World” by Brian Lozenski

Article: “Stay in public schools: The anti-racism we need from white families during the pandemic” by Abby Rombalski & Anita Chikkatur

Article: “As Campuses Cut Ties to Police, Sociology Departments Must Do the Same” by Rahsaan Mahadeo

Article: “The Time for Ethnic Studies is Now” by Brian Lozenski and Jonathan Hamilton

Ethnic Studies Policy Brief – Minnesota Education Equity Partnership

Ethnic Studies legislative efforts:

  1. HF 2827: Ethnic comparative studies included in social studies education requirements

  2. HF 824/SF 1012: Increase teachers of color Act 2019

  3. Bill to create ethnic studies mandate in the state [being worked on by Navigate MN/Ethnic Studies Coalition]


Unidos MN/Navigate MN



Asian American Organizing Project

Social Studies Standard Review Committee (meeting schedule)