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Visual & Cultural Backgrounds through the Art of Robert Grober by Katie M. at Teachers for Social Justice K-Moncton_TSJ_Lesson.pdf — PDF document, 102Kb

The contemporary artist Robert Gober gives a new, subversive meaning to wallpaper, juxtaposing the image of a black man being lynched next to the image of white man sleeping in a repeating pattern that covers the walls of a large exhibition space. His installation turns the racist history that makes up America’s cultural background into a visual background for visitors to this space. Students will consider how to make their cultural background as Americans visible by using Gober’s wallpaper form to similarly juxtapose and repeat contrasting images. They will select two images from the mainstream news media that contrast conceptually. They will then edit, modify, and repeat the images in black and white (Sharpie marker on white tracing paper), considering how to contrast visual elements in order to create maximum conceptual impact.

Anti-Oppression/Critical Consciousness: Race/Racism
African American History: General
African American History: Lynching
Social Justice: General
Social Justice: Media Literacy

lesson plan
Robert Gober
Lynching, Racism, Culture, Media Justice, Cultural Memory
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