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That's Not Fair!: Guide and Handbook by Rabbi Alissa Wise at Ma'yan, a program of The JCC in Manhattan TNF Handbook FINAL.pdf — PDF document, 3861Kb

That's Not Fair! is Ma'yan's Social Justice Apprenticeship, where Ma'yan staff collaborate with working artists to teach girls how to use art to educate, provoke, and create change in the world. This guide and handbook, designed for Jewish Youth Professionals, is based on our first "That's Not Fair!" program, which used the modality of political theater to address issues of privilege and inequality. The guide includes original activities, links to curricular materials created by others, and extensive resources and readings. While designed for use in the Jewish community, many of the materials are appropriate for a wider audience. Additional information and resources from That's Not Fair! are available at Ma'yan's website.

Jewish History
Women's History
Anti-Oppression/Critical Consciousness: Race/Racism
Anti-Oppression/Critical Consciousness: Gender/Sexism
Social Justice: General
Social Justice: Poverty & Economic Issues

middle, high
lesson plan, bibliography
Emma Goldman
Jewish, Anti-Oppression, Privilege, Inequality, Political Theater

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