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When people think of “the environment,” they often imagine natural landscapes—forests, oceans, and mountains. But your home and yard, nearby parks, schools and businesses, your workplace, the bus stop on the corner—these are the “environments” that you function in everyday. The health of these environments affects your health. This issue of The Change Agent, produced in collaboration with TERC’s Statistics for Action project, will explore the local environment and will tell our stories of environmental clean-ups and community efforts to identify pollution sources and deal with them. With an emphasis on math and science, activities help students think about large and small numbers, percents, ratios, and scale. Using short narratives, interviews, cartoons, illustrations, and photos, this issue roots reading, writing, and math lessons in content that is relevant to adult learners.

Organizing Skills
Social Justice: Environment

lesson plan, article
Chicago, California, North Carolina, Arkansas, Connecticut, Rhode Island
Judy Bonds, Lois Gibbs
Baby Bottles, Cigarettes, Lead Poisoning, Triclosan, Neighborhood Organizing, Parts per Million, Idling Engines, Diesel Pollution, Pesticides, Soil Testing, Coal Mining, Landfills, Packaging, Math Practice, Hospital Waste, Organic Gardening, Custodians Organize
The Change Agent

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