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Something is Wrong: Exploring the Roots of Youth Violence by Mariame Kaba, J. Cyriac Mathew and Nathan Haines

Through this 350-page curriculum guide we want to challenge youth to think about a) the roots of violence in their lives; b) the enforcers and victims of violence; c) the effects of violence on both victims and perpetrators; and d) how violence can ultimately be minimized through systemic changes. Over 30 curriculum units and other resources are provided and topics include: Understanding Oppression, Police Violence, Militarism, School Violence, Youth Homicides, etc.

Anti-Oppression/Critical Consciousness: Race/Racism
Anti-Oppression/Critical Consciousness: Gender/Sexism
Anti-Oppression/Critical Consciousness: Sexual Orientation/Heterosexism
Social Justice: Iraq
Social Justice: Media Literacy
Social Justice: Counter Recruitment
Organizations that offer social justice/educational trainings

middle, high
lesson plan, primary resource, teacher training materials
Social Justice Education, Violence, Participatory Action Research, Militarism

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