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Slavery in America by New York Life, PBS

Companion materials to the PBS television series and more. Essays, lesson plans, images, maps, literature, narratives, biographies, and interactive exhibitions pertaining to slavery in America.

African American History: Slavery

elementary, middle, high
lesson plan, bibliography, DVD/video
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Louisiana, South Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Sally Hemings, Harriet Jacobs, John Brown, William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass
Transatlantic Slave Trade, Atlantic Slave Trade, Slavery, Underground Railroad, Rebellion, Resistance, Revolts, Escape, Black Churches, Religion, Abolition, Emancipation, Jim Crow, Constitution, Slave Census, Slave Ports, Slave Life, Slave Culture, Plantations, Work, Labor, Native Americans, Contraband, Black Press, Newspapers, Narratives, Confederate Currency, Money, Africa, Slave Ports, Food, Language, Death, Louisiana, South Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

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