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PeaceGAMES is an education and organizing resource that uses popular education methodologies and a multi-media approach to encourage reflection, discussion and action on the issue of U.S. militarism and its impact on women, both in the US and globally. The goals of PeaceGAMES are to: encourage critical thinking about U.S. militarism; provide a popular education tool that supports the process of diverse communities coming together to learn from each other's stories and collective wisdom; explore the complex dynamics of gender, race, sex and class that are at the core of U.S. foreign and military policy; deepen the conversation among broad progressive constituencies about the gendered impacts of unbridled militarism and war; encourage the development of messages and strategies within the peace movement that incorporate an understanding of war and militarism informed by gender, race and class.

Women's History
Organizations that offer social justice/educational trainings
Social Justice: War and Peace
LGBT History
Social Justice: Education
Social Justice: Counter Recruitment
Social Justice: Iraq
Social Justice: General
Anti-Oppression/Critical Consciousness: Gender/Sexism

primary resource, lesson plan, textbook, teacher training materials
United States
Militarism, Popular Education, Gender, Race, Sex, Class, Women, War, Global
Women of Color Resource Center

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