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More than a Label: Analyizing Attitudes & Practicing Tolerance by Amy Morley, Kristina Hulvershorn at Institute for Humane Education More Than a Label.pdf — PDF document, 93Kb

This activity inspires students to think about their own areas of bigotry and to identify how we develop our attitudes about others, and it empowers them to take action to reduce bigotry in their own lives and in society. Curriculum Writers: Amy Morley, Kristina Hulvershorn, M. Ed., Institute for Humane Education Grades: 9 & up Time: 90 minutes Relevant Subjects: Social Studies and Language Arts

African American History: Jim Crow
Latino/a History
Native American History
Arab American History
Asian American History
Jewish History
Anti-Oppression/Critical Consciousness: Race/Racism
Social Justice: Media Literacy

lesson plan
Bigotry, Racism, Tolerance, Diversity, Attitudes
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