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IndyKids, November/December 2009 issue by IndyKids PDFfinal.pdf — PDF document, 5800Kb #22.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 54Kb

This issue includes personal accounts and photos from students in rural Alaska about how climate change has affected them. Also find articles about the upcoming United Nations environment summit, prisons in the United States, military recruiting in schools, a fifth grade film project about drilling for natural gas, student opinions, letters, puzzles and more! Attached files: 1. PDF of the entire issue 2. Teacher's Guide (Word document)

Social Justice: Environment
Social Justice: General
Social Justice: Counter Recruitment
Social Justice: Media Literacy
Social Justice: Criminal Justice
Social Justice: War and Peace

elementary, middle
lesson plan, DVD/video, article
Alaska, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Maldives, Congo
Fred Hampton
Global Warming, Climate Change, Prisons, Military Recruitment

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