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If I Had A Trillion Dollars... by The National Priorities Project and American Friends Service Committee IHTD Curriculum Final_0.pdf — PDF document, 2641Kb

This complementary curriculum was developed to help students think about their federal priorities and spark discussion. The National Priorities Project and the American Friends Service Committee sponsored a great video contest for young people entitled "If I Had A Trillion Dollars" that ended Nov. 30th, 2010. The link to video submissions is above. While the contest may have ended, the question that the it asks- what would you do with a Trillion Dollars?- is still pertinent. The videos are a great way to supplement the curriculum, as they give students exciting visuals on which to base discussions. The goal of this project was to increase the general understanding of the federal government. First, this project and curriculum addresses the size and scope of the Federal Budget. Second, it encourages students to find out more about how the government allocates money and determines spending on specific goals. Lastly, it prompts students to assess these federal goals against their own ideas about what the government's goals should be and how they would allocate the federal budget.

Social Justice: General
Social Justice: Environment
Social Justice: Iraq
Social Justice: Media Literacy
Social Justice: Poverty & Economic Issues
Social Justice: War and Peace

middle, high
DVD/video, lesson plan
Federal Budget, War Spending, Military Spending, Discretionary Spending

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