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Human Rights: By Any Means Necessary by Andrea McEvoy Spero at Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute

This series of lessons help to broaden the traditional understanding of the civil rights movement from a domestic movement for political rights to a global struggle for human rights. Students are introduced to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and learn about Malcolm X’s call for a United Nations investigation into human rights abuses in the United States. This unit and an accompanying introductory article by LC staff member Andrea McEvoy Spero are featured in the April 2008 OAH Magazine of History.

International History
African American History: General
African American History: Black Power
African American History: Civil Rights Movement
Anti-Oppression/Critical Consciousness: Race/Racism
Organizations that offer social justice/educational trainings
Social Justice: War and Peace
Social Justice: Poverty & Economic Issues
Social Justice: Globalization

lesson plan, primary resource, article, teacher training materials
U.S., India, Ghana
Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Gandhi
Human Rights, International, Civil Rights, UDHR, Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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