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Girls for Gender Equity Community Walk Guide by Girls for Gender Equity

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The Girls for Gender Equity (GGE) Urban Leaders Academy After School Program fosters youth leadership, in part, through content and learning experiences that address identity and community, social justice and service learning, and participatory action research. During our second unit on social justice and service learning we identify community resources in the form of non-profit organizations and engage students in community mapping activities. In one lesson we asked students to take a neighborhood walk using education, safety, nutrition and fitness as lenses for interpreting features of strong geographic features. This particular tool is part of a larger effort to not only raise awareness of resources within neighborhood communities, but also address the systematic causes of injustice through advocacy. For more information on Urban Leaders Academy After School Program contact: For general information about Girls for Gender Equity (GGE) contact:

Organizing Skills
Social Justice: General
Social Justice: Environment
Social Justice: Education

lesson plan
New York, New York City, Brooklyn
Community Organizing, Girls For Gender Equity, Social Justice, Sexual Harassment, Community Walk, GGE, Urban Leaders Academy

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