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Fashion: The Power, The Peril, and the Passion by The Change Agent

Fashion is a topic that can be both fun and serious. In this thought provoking, visually appealing issue of The Change Agent, we examine: how our clothes make us feel, bathing suits through the ages, extreme body art, how to make fashion small talk in the ESOL classroom, rules for shopping, fashion and female body image, dressing for success, clothing and stereotypes, the hidden cost of cheap clothes, how to have fun with fashion without breaking the budget, who makes our clothes and where, the problem with fur, how parents and kids work out their fashion conflicts, and much more!

Social Justice: General
Social Justice: Globalization
Anti-Oppression/Critical Consciousness: Gender/Sexism
Labor History

lesson plan, article
Clothing, Beauty, Sweatshops, Gender, Poverty, Stereotypes, Uniforms, Veils, Garment workers, Fur, Parents
The Change Agent

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