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SOUL Manuals by School of Unity and Liberation
SOUL has developed three different manuals to support youth and community organizations around the country in running their own political education programs. ... full record
Radical Math by Radical Math
This site offers a searchable database of math and social justice curriculum. Can be searched by social justice issue, math topic or resource type. full record
Globalization by Radical Math
This page of the Radical Math site offers math curricula and resources related to globalization. full record
Latino/Hispanic by Radical Math
This page of the Radical Math site offers math curricula and resources related to Latinos. full record
War in Iraq by Radical Math
This page of the Radical Math site offers math curricula and resources on the war in Iraq. full record
Whose Wars? Teaching about the Iraq War and the War on Terrorism by Rethinking Schools
This collection includes classroom-tested resources for social studies, language arts and math classes: interactive lessons about U.S. involvement in Iraq and ... full record
Rethinking Mathematics by Rethinking Schools
This collection of more than 30 articles shows teachers how to weave social-justice principles throughout the math curriculum, and how to integrate ... full record
Struggle to Prevent Genocide in the Post-Holocaust Era by ADL Curriculum Connections
These four secondary level lessons explore what the world has done to achieve the ideal of "never again" since the Holocaust, examine why these efforts have ... full record
Iraq: War and Peace by Oxfam
A resource for teaching about the Iraq conflict for ages 8–16. The activities allow you to explore students’ questions about the conflict, discuss the effect ... full record
Camouflaged: Investigating How the U.S. Military Affects You and Your Community by New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE)
Camouflaged: Investigating How the US Military Affects You and Your Community is a tool for educators to help middle and high school-aged students explore the ... full record
Indykids Issue 14, Spring 2008 by IndyKids
indykids_iss14.pdf — PDF document, 4241Kb TeachersGuide-14.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 60Kb Includes a cover story on the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq, voices from Iraqi refugee kids, the role of money in the presidential elections, an update ... full record
IndyKids Issue 12, Nov/Dec 2007 by IndyKids
indykids_iss12.pdf — PDF document, 7447Kb #12.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 51Kb The new issue includes stories about the privater security contractor Blackwater, immigration raids, the Hindu festival Diwali, a child profile from Mexico, a ... full record
IndyKids Issue 8, March/April 2007 by IndyKids
indykids_iss08.pdf — PDF document, 5550Kb indykids_spring07_teachersguide.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 46Kb Includes a cover story on the burgeoning civil war in Iraq, a look at resisting U.S. soldier Ehren Watada, a look at kids fighting climate change, the Native ... full record
Current Events Update - April 1, 2008
This issue of the bi-weekly Current Events Update contains teaching resources on recent violent protests in Tibet, the five year anniversary of war in Iraq, ... full record
IndyKids Newspaper - November/December 2008
indykids_iss17.pdf — PDF document, 8739Kb TeachersGuide-17.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 43Kb IndyKids takes on the foreclosure crisis in our latest issue - explaining how the mortgage meltdown happened, how it's affecting every day people, and what ... full record
IndyKids January/February 2009 by IndyKids Newspaper
indykids_iss18.PDF — PDF document, 2448Kb #18 - To Print.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 42Kb IndyKids takes a look at who Obama is appointing to his cabinet in the latest issue, and provides a retrospective on news and issues from 2008 in our Year in ... full record
IndyKids Issue 19: March 2009 by IndyKids
indykids_iss19.pdf — PDF document, 3245Kb TeachersGuide-19.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 37Kb We spotlight the food contamination crisis and discuss sustainable agriculture, take a look at who makes trash, where it goes and why there’s so much of it, ... full record
The Recruiter Teacher's Guide by Propeller Films
Following the onset and intensification of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Propeller Films released the HBO documentary film, The Recruiter, which explores the ... full record
IndyKids May/June 2010 by IndyKids
indykids_iss25.pdf — PDF document, 2375Kb #25.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 49Kb The May/June 2010 issue includes articles about the Supreme Court, immigrant rights, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, reading critically this summer, ... full record
Coming Home from War by The Change Agent
With this issue of The Change Agent, "Coming Home from War," we open our pages to veterans, family members of veterans, and war refugees. In their own voices, ... full record