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African American Art Song Alliance by African American Art Song Alliance
full record
Negro Spirituals by
Songs, history, singers, and composers of African American spirituals. full record
Coretta Scott King Book Awards by American Library Association
Awards given to an African American author and an African American illustrator for an outstandingly inspirational and educational contribution. full record
Heian International's Children's Books by Heian International
Distributes books from Asia in English translation. full record
Learning the Blues by Edsitement
Lesson plan (3 - 4 days) on the blues with accompanying resources and links full record
Martin Luther King Jr. Lesson Plan by National Association for Music Education
Lesson plans with some audio clips . Interdisciplinary connections with bibliography of resources; target age middle school full record
U.S.History-African American: Lesson Plans by EdSITEment
Multiple lesson plans for multiple grade levels on African American History full record
U.S. History-Civil Rights: Lesson Plans by EdSITEment
Multiple lessons on and related to the Civil Rights Movement full record
World History-Human Rights: Lesson Plans by EdSITEment
Multiple lesson plans on human rights, what they mean, and how they are used. full record
Native Americans by A to Z Teacher Stuff
Multiple lesson plans on Native American cultures and stereotypes. Includes books and other resources. full record
Voices from the Days of Slavery by Library of Congress
The almost seven hours of recorded interviews presented here took place between 1932 and 1975 in nine Southern states. Twenty-three interviewees, born between ... full record
The Development of an African-American Musical Theatre 1865-1910 by Library of Congress
Timeline full record
The Spirituals Project by University of Denver
Comprehensive resource center on spirituals. Selected readings and discography, multimedia educational website with audio clips of music as well as interviews ... full record
Duke Ellington Centennial Celebration by National Association for Music Education, ArtsEdge, Smithsonian
Timeline, lesson plans with resources, audio clips, photo scrapbook, student work inspired by Ellington full record