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Kid-Size Cocoa by Global Exchange
Companies like World's Finest Chocolate make a lot of money selling chocolate to kids, but chocolate is no treat for hundreds of thousands of children who must ... full record
Clothes Line by Oxfam
A resource exploring cotton production and the textile industry in India for pupils aged 7–11. Lessons include an exploration of the journey of cotton from the ... full record
Coffee Chain Game by Oxfam
Profits from the coffee industry are unfairly distributed – explore why with these materials for students aged 13+. Coffee companies make huge profits, while ... full record
Making a Meal of It by Oxfam
Where does our food come from? Why are people hungry? What can we do to help? These activities help to answer these questions, and help students to ... full record
IndyKids Newspaper - November/December 2008
indykids_iss17.pdf — PDF document, 8739Kb TeachersGuide-17.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 43Kb IndyKids takes on the foreclosure crisis in our latest issue - explaining how the mortgage meltdown happened, how it's affecting every day people, and what ... full record
Using Their Words by Social Justice Critical Inquiry Project
Using their Words showcases social justice education projects in elementary school classrooms. All the units housed on this site: -were designed and ... full record
Raising the Bar: kids say no cheap labor for chocolate by Indy Kids
Indy Kids discusses the protest over Hershey's use of child labor in it's cocoa growing planations in Africa. It also discusses what Fair Trade is and what it ... full record