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The Civil Rights Project by Harvard University
Research and resources on civil rights history and current events. full record
Developing Cultural Critical Consciousness and Self-Reflection in Preservice Teacher Education by LookSmart
full record
Colorful World by Colorful World
Diversity training organization that maintains list of recommended multicultural books. full record
Multicultural Education and Culturally Responsive Teaching by Ithaca College WISE
List of web links, bibliography, and films related to teaching multiculturalism. full record
California Newsreel by California Newsreel
Online catalog of the oldest non-profit documentary film center in the country; videos deal with issues ranging from sexual assault, 1964 race riots, ... full record
Film Connection by Film Connection
Loans films about social justice issues to film groups (can include classrooms). Also offers discussion guides and suggestions for taking action. full record
Teaching Tolerance by Southern Poverty Law Center
Lesson plans on a wide variety of social justice issues specifically focused on tolerance. full record
U.S. History - Native American: Lesson Plans by EdSITEment
Multiple lesson plans on Native American cultures. full record
Children's Literature in the Classroom by Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute
Lesson plans and articles on teaching children's literature. full record
Whiteness as a Racial and Cultural Category by Ithaca College WISE
List of web links about whiteness as a racial and cultural category. full record
International Children's Digital Library by International Children's Digital Library
Digital library on international children's literature full record
Time for Sight: The Debate over Color Blindness and Race-Consciousness in School Integration Policy by Anti-Defamation League
This secondary level lesson plan explores the 2007 Supreme Court decision on voluntary school integration plans within the broader context of the Brown v. ... full record
Classroom Resources for Inauguration Day by Teaching Tolerance
In January, 2009, Barack Obama became the first African American to serve as the President of the United States. Teaching Tolerance is pleased to release this ... full record
Real World Social Justice Curriculum Guide by Real World Professional Development
11th Grade Social Justice EXCERPT.pdf — PDF document, 331Kb This is a sample from Real World's Social Justice Curriculum Guide for High School. It is 116 pages and is available in Spanish. Social justice curriculum ... full record
More than a Label: Analyizing Attitudes & Practicing Tolerance by Institute for Humane Education
More Than a Label.pdf — PDF document, 93Kb This activity inspires students to think about their own areas of bigotry and to identify how we develop our attitudes about others, and it empowers them to ... full record
Great Peacemakers
facing_flat_72dpi[1].jpg — JPEG image, 321Kb Great Peacemakers tells the true life stories of 20 great peacemakers from around the world in 5 paths to peace. Winner of more than 30 awards, the book is ... full record
Exploring Africa! by Michigan State University African Studies Center
The Exploring Africa! curriculum is divided into Units, Modules, and Learning Activities. Each unit covers a major topic or theme in the study of Africa. ... full record