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SoundOut Student Voice Toolkit by SoundOut
Examples, organizations, publications, and other resources about student voice in schools. full record
The Project on Youth and Non-Military Opportunities by Project YANO
Free publications on counter recruitment, military enlistment, JROTC, and non-military alternatives. full record
DMZ: A Guide to Taking Your School Back from the Military by War Resisters League
DMZ is a comprehensive counter military recruitment organizing manual for youth activists and their allies. full record
SOUL Manuals by School of Unity and Liberation
SOUL has developed three different manuals to support youth and community organizations around the country in running their own political education programs. ... full record
Teaching for Change by Teaching for Change
Searchable database of books, videos and posters for social justice education. Includes a wide variety of social justice categories in addition to race such as ... full record
Prison Industrial Complex: Social Control in the Era of Globalization by Project South
Educational toolkit on the prison-industrial complex. full record
Today's Globalization by Project South
Educational toolkit on globalization today. full record
Anatomy of a Movement: The Zapatistas by Project South
Educational toolkit on the zapatistas. full record
Roots of Terror by Project South
Educational toolkit on terrorism. full record
It Ain't Just About a Vote by Project South
Educational toolkit on democracy. full record
Bridge by National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
Building a Race and Immigration Dialogue in the Global Economy: Popular Education Resources for Immigrant and Refugee Community Organizers full record
Community Organizing Toolkit by CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, Kinection, Center for Third World Organizing
An online game and additional resources on community organizing. full record
Center for Third World Organizing by Center for Third World Organizing
Programs and information on community organizing for racial justice worldwide. full record
Project South Workshops by Project South
Workshops on social justice training. full record
Concern America Social Justice Education Programs by Concern America
Educational programs and training on social justice and community organiing. full record