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Asian Pacific American Heritage Month by Infoplease
Resources for celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. full record by Asian American Curriculum Project
Educational organization that distributes books on Asian American history and culture. full record
Asian American Experience, Issues, and Resources by Ithaca College WISE
List of web links, bibliography, and films related to the Asian-American experience. full record
Affidavit and Flyers from the Chinese Boycott Case by National Archives
Lesson plan using original documents about labor union boycotts of Chinese businesses in the late 19th century. The unions blamed Chinese immigrants for the ... full record
Documents and Photographs Related to Japanese Relocation during World War II by National Archives
Lesson plan using original documents about Japanese internment camps during World War II. full record
Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation Resources for Teachers by Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation
Curriculum guide provides strategies and background material for grades 3-12. Contains lessons, student worksheets, primary source documents from the National ... full record
Asian American Books by Asian American Curriculum Project
Collection of educational materials on Asian American history including links to purchase materials (videos, books) as well as links to other websites focused ... full record
The Conquest of the Philippines by Oakham School, Oakham, England
The Conquest of the Philippines.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 40Kb Notes on the US occupation of the Philippines following the Spanish-American War. full record
Pacific Link: The KQED Asian Education Initiative by KQED
These lesson plan units were developed to work with the video-short "Discovering Angel Island: The Story Behind the Poems." The Angel Island Immigration ... full record