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Just Think by Just Think
Resources and curricula (available for purchase) on media literacy. U Tube clips, links to online media literacy guides and youth resources. full record
No Human is Illegal: Discussing Immigration in the Classroom by nycore
No Human Is Illegal.pdf — PDF document, 576Kb This guide is for educators to take on the important issues that teachers and students have been tackling in their activism from INSIDE the classroom. ... full record
Unnatural Disaster: A critical resource guide for addressing the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in the classroom by NYCoRE
AnUnnaturalDisaster2-5 edit.pdf — PDF document, 4053Kb A 13 page resource guide with lessons on: a. Government Response b. Inequality c. The Two Gulf Wars d. Media Literacy and Racism e. Global/ Local ... full record
Revealing Racist Roots: The 3 R's for Teaching about the Jena 6 by Teacher Activist Groups
Revealing Racist Roots.pdf — PDF document, 961Kb The Jena 6 is much bigger than the spirit of Jim Crow being found alive and well in the South. The Jena 6 crystallizes the police violence, discrimination, and ... full record
Cyberbullying: Understanding and Addressing Online Cruelty by Anti-Defamation League
Lessons and resources for elementary, middle and high school students that introduce young people to information and skills about Internet communication, ... full record
Youth-Powered Video: A Hands-On Curriculum for Teaching Documentary by Educational Video Center
Based on the Educational Video Center's two decades of experience, this comprehensive curriculum package gives middle and high school staff developers and ... full record
Media, Culture & Consumerism Activities by Institute for Humane Education
Cultural Issues Humane Education Activities feature lesson plans & activities that explore issues related to the influence and impact of media and social ... full record
Real World Social Justice Curriculum Guide by Real World Professional Development
11th Grade Social Justice EXCERPT.pdf — PDF document, 331Kb This is a sample from Real World's Social Justice Curriculum Guide for High School. It is 116 pages and is available in Spanish. Social justice curriculum ... full record
IndyKids, September/October 2009 Issue by IndyKids
This issue includes a cover story on health care, individuals’ experiences with health care and the different reform options. Also, read about Honduras, ... full record
IndyKids, November/December 2009 issue by IndyKids
PDFfinal.pdf — PDF document, 5800Kb #22.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 54Kb This issue includes personal accounts and photos from students in rural Alaska about how climate change has affected them. Also find articles about the ... full record
Something is Wrong: Exploring the Roots of Youth Violence
Through this 350-page curriculum guide we want to challenge youth to think about a) the roots of violence in their lives; b) the enforcers and victims of ... full record
Something is Wrong: Exploring the Roots of Youth Violence
Project NIA, the Chicago Freedom School and Teachers for Social Justice have partnered along with other volunteers to develop a curriculum guide in order to ... full record
Visual & Cultural Backgrounds through the Art of Robert Grober by Teachers for Social Justice
K-Moncton_TSJ_Lesson.pdf — PDF document, 102Kb The contemporary artist Robert Gober gives a new, subversive meaning to wallpaper, juxtaposing the image of a black man being lynched next to the image of ... full record
More than a Label: Analyizing Attitudes & Practicing Tolerance by Institute for Humane Education
More Than a Label.pdf — PDF document, 93Kb This activity inspires students to think about their own areas of bigotry and to identify how we develop our attitudes about others, and it empowers them to ... full record
Analyzing Advertising by Institute for Humane Education
Analyzing Advertising.pdf — PDF document, 75Kb Lesson To illustrate the pervasiveness of advertising in your students’ lives, “test” their advertising knowledge by holding up a poster you’ve composed that ... full record
Using Visual Arts to Explore Local Community
visual arts and local community.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 1306Kb A visual arts lesson plan that allows students to explore their connection to their local community. For very young students to begin to foster a sense of ... full record
"Mass Appeal": Critically Analyzing Mass Media and Creating Counter Narratives by 122nd Street Room42 YoungStarZ, WYC (WattsYouthCollective)
This is a collection of activities used in the classroom with fifth graders and in the community with WattsYouthCollective (WYC) youth ranging from 6th-college ... full record
IndyKids May/June 2010 by IndyKids
indykids_iss25.pdf — PDF document, 2375Kb #25.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 49Kb The May/June 2010 issue includes articles about the Supreme Court, immigrant rights, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, reading critically this summer, ... full record
Media In Action Curriculum by Global Action Project
The product of over two decades of experience, Global Action Project's Media In Action Curriculum is available here for free download. Grab it, read it, use ... full record
IndyKids, September/October 2010 by IndyKids
In the September/October 2010 issue, you will find articles on the Gulf Oil Spill, the controversy over the construction of an Islamic community center near ... full record
If I Had A Trillion Dollars... by The National Priorities Project and American Friends Service Committee
IHTD Curriculum Final_0.pdf — PDF document, 2641Kb This complementary curriculum was developed to help students think about their federal priorities and spark discussion. The National Priorities Project and the ... full record
IndyKids November/December 2010 issue by IndyKids
This issue features a Chicago school community's struggle for a school library, a debate over charter schools, and articles on solar energy, President Obama's ... full record
IndyKids Jan/Feb 2011 Issue by IndyKids
indykids_iss28.pdf — PDF document, 3154Kb This issue of IndyKids includes stories on protests in Europe to cuts in spending on education and services, the revelations by WikiLeaks, justice for Black ... full record
IndyKids March/April 2011 issue by IndyKids
indykids_iss29.pdf — PDF document, 6440Kb This issue includes kids from Egypt talking about how they took part in their country's revolution, articles about how to cope with the recession, kids in ... full record
IndyKids May/June 2011 by IndyKids
The new issue of IndyKids is out! Learn about the earthquake in Japan, same-sex marriage, sources of energy in the United States, the continuing war in ... full record
Remaking History: Barack Obama, Political Cartoons, and the Civil Rights Movement in _Civil Rights History from the Ground Up_ ed. by Emilye Crosby by The Ohio State University
Crosby_ch08-4.pdf — PDF document, 4347Kb This essay offers a compelling analysis of the ways that political cartoons addressing Barack Obama's presidential campaign reflect common distortions of ... full record
Media Giant Under Investigation by Indy Kids
Rupert Murdoch may not be someone you know by name, but he is definitely someone who has an influence on your life. full record