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SOUL Manuals by School of Unity and Liberation
SOUL has developed three different manuals to support youth and community organizations around the country in running their own political education programs. ... full record
Multicultural Education and Culturally Responsive Teaching by Ithaca College WISE
List of web links, bibliography, and films related to teaching multiculturalism. full record
California Newsreel by California Newsreel
Online catalog of the oldest non-profit documentary film center in the country; videos deal with issues ranging from sexual assault, 1964 race riots, ... full record
Arts Engine by Arts Engine
Organization that supports, produces, and distributes independent media of consequence and promotes the use of independent media by advocates, educators and ... full record
Ironweed Film Club by Act Now Productions
Film club that sends members a DVD each month with progressive films. Site includes discussion groups. full record
Firelight Media by Firelight Media
Production company that makes films dedicated to telling stories of people, places, cultures and issues that are underrepresented in the mainstream media and ... full record
Active Voice by Active Voice
Promotes social change oriented media. Includes guides and workshops. full record
Film Connection by Film Connection
Loans films about social justice issues to film groups (can include classrooms). Also offers discussion guides and suggestions for taking action. full record
Teaching Tolerance by Southern Poverty Law Center
Lesson plans on a wide variety of social justice issues specifically focused on tolerance. full record
World History-Human Rights: Lesson Plans by EdSITEment
Multiple lesson plans on human rights, what they mean, and how they are used. full record
It Ain't Just About a Vote by Project South
Educational toolkit on democracy. full record
1964 Mississippi Freedom School Curriculum by San Francisco Freedom School
In the summer of 1964, over forty Freedom Schools opened in Mississippi. These schools were part of Freedom Summer, a project of the Southern Civil Rights ... full record
Rethinking Our Classrooms: Teaching for Equity and Justice--Volume 1 by Rethinking Schools
This revised and expanded edition includes new essays on science and environmental education, immigration and language, military recruitment, teaching about ... full record
Open Minds to Equality by Rethinking Schools
Open Minds to Equality is an educator's sourcebook of activities to help students understand and change inequalities based on race, gender, class, age, ... full record
Rethinking Our Classrooms Volume 2 by Rethinking Schools
Rethinking Our Classrooms--Volume 2 presents a rich new collection of from-the-classroom articles, curriculum ideas, lesson plans, poetry, and resources — all ... full record
Against All Odds by United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees
"Against All Odds" is a free online video game that lets students follow a young person's flight from oppression in his or her home country to exile in an ... full record
Struggle to Prevent Genocide in the Post-Holocaust Era by ADL Curriculum Connections
These four secondary level lessons explore what the world has done to achieve the ideal of "never again" since the Holocaust, examine why these efforts have ... full record
Survival to Service: Examining the Life of Abraham H. Foxman, Hidden Child of the Holocaust by Anti-Defamation League
This lesson plan (with accompanying resources) for middle and high school students, based on the life of a ADL National Director and Hidden Child Abraham ... full record
First Amendment in Public Schools by Anti-Defamation League
Four lessons for high school students about the First Amendment as it relates to students’ rights. Includes lessons on the freedoms of religion, speech, the ... full record
America’s Conscience: The First Amendment in Our Daily Life by Anti-Defamation League
An educational resource for teaching about the First Amendment and celebrating National Constitution Day; includes an overview of the First Amendment, lesson ... full record
Looking Back Reaching Forward: Exploring the Promise ofBrown v. Board of Education 50 Years Later by Anti-Defamation League
Six secondary level lesson plans that commemorate Brown, explore the history of school desegregation in the U.S. and examine current patterns of resegregation ... full record
Responding to Violence and Hate by Anti-Defamation League
Resources and lesson plans for families and educators to help discuss hate and violence with children and youth. full record
Raising Awareness about People with Disabilities by Anti-Defamation League
Elementary, middle and high school lessons that explore various forms of disability, challenge myths and stereotypes about people living with disabilities, and ... full record
Current Events for Kids: Using the News to Teach Social Justice
teachers' guides 11-13.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 96Kb indykids_iss11.pdf — PDF document, 7875Kb indykids_iss12.pdf — PDF document, 7447Kb indykids_iss13.pdf — PDF document, 3550Kb Resources and curriculum guide for teachers discussing current events in the classroom. Topics include: The Iraq War, the Jena Six case, U.S. military ... full record
IndyKids Issue 13: Housing Crisis, Guantanamo Bay, Death Penalty and Global Warming by IndyKids
The new issue includes a primer on sneaky housing loans, a full-color spread on global warming, the end of the death penalty in New Jersey, a look at New ... full record
PeaceGAMES by Women of Color Resource Center
cover image smaller web.jpg — JPEG image, 41Kb PeaceGAMES is an education and organizing resource that uses popular education methodologies and a multi-media approach to encourage reflection, discussion and ... full record
Cyberbullying: Understanding and Addressing Online Cruelty by Anti-Defamation League
Lessons and resources for elementary, middle and high school students that introduce young people to information and skills about Internet communication, ... full record
Youth-Powered Video: A Hands-On Curriculum for Teaching Documentary by Educational Video Center
Based on the Educational Video Center's two decades of experience, this comprehensive curriculum package gives middle and high school staff developers and ... full record
Indykids Issue 14, Spring 2008 by IndyKids
indykids_iss14.pdf — PDF document, 4241Kb TeachersGuide-14.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 60Kb Includes a cover story on the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq, voices from Iraqi refugee kids, the role of money in the presidential elections, an update ... full record
IndyKids Issue 12, Nov/Dec 2007 by IndyKids
indykids_iss12.pdf — PDF document, 7447Kb #12.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 51Kb The new issue includes stories about the privater security contractor Blackwater, immigration raids, the Hindu festival Diwali, a child profile from Mexico, a ... full record