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Teaching with Historic Places: Conservation by National Register of Historic Places
Lesson plans using historic places from conservation and the environment. full record
The Sun and Its Effects on Earth by Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute
Lesson plans and articles on the sun and the environment. full record
Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation by Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute
Lesson plans and articles on ecology, biodiversity, and conservation. full record
Energy, Engines, and the Environment by Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute
Lesson plans and articles on energy, industry, and the environment. full record
Water in the 21st Century by Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute
Lesson plans and articles on water and the environment today. full record
Food, Environmental Quality and Health by Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute
Lesson plans and articles on food, health, and the environment. full record
Unnatural Disaster: A critical resource guide for addressing the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in the classroom by NYCoRE
AnUnnaturalDisaster2-5 edit.pdf — PDF document, 4053Kb A 13 page resource guide with lessons on: a. Government Response b. Inequality c. The Two Gulf Wars d. Media Literacy and Racism e. Global/ Local ... full record
Climate Chaos by Oxfam
A week of activities about climate change for ages 9–11. These materials provide an overview of the causes and consequences of climate change, and help ... full record
U. S. Environmental Protection Agency Teaching Resources by US Environmental Protection Agency
The US Environmental Protection Agency has put together an extensive collection of websites and documents that you can use to explain environmental topics. ... full record
Air Pollution: What's the Solution?
Air Pollution: What's the Solution is an educational project for students, grades 6 - 12, that uses online real time data to guide student discovery of the ... full record
Fragile Fringe: A Guide for Teaching about Coastal Wetlands by National Wetlands Research Center
The intent of this material is to provide a basis from which a comprehensive study of coastal wetlands can be developed by the teacher on the basis of ... full record
Project Learning Tree Curriculum by Project Learning Tree
Project Learning Tree is an award winning, multi-disciplinary environmental education program for educators and students in PreK-grade 12. PLT, a program of ... full record
Rainforest Alliance Learning Site by Rainforest Alliance
Because we believe that children are our biggest stakeholders, we created the Rainforest Alliance Learning Site filled with free, complete lesson plans, ... full record
TEACH: Environment by Great Lakes Information Network
TEACH: Environment explores the environment of the Great Lakes region, which is blessed with huge forests and wilderness areas, rich agricultural land, ... full record
Clean Air Lesson Plans by The Clean Air Campaign
Written to meet the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS), these lessons are creative, interactive, and provide both students and educators with a comprehensive ... full record
In The Air by Missouri Botanical Garden
The US Environmental Protection Agency funded the Missouri Botanical Garden’s EarthWays Center to design and develop a full spectrum of environmental education ... full record
What's Up in the Environment? by Thirteen/WNET New York
Class projects and video related to water, land, air and energy. full record
EarthCafe 2050
Earth Café 2050 is an interactive demonstration of Ecological Footprinting developed by the students in the Environmental Studies capstone course at Ithaca ... full record
Every Drop Counts: Water Conservation Project by A. G. Bell School
Every Drop Counts.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 47Kb This project combines math, writing, research and environmental science to provide students with an opportunity to quantify how much water they use in their ... full record
Water for All by Oxfam
An interactive resource featuring stunning colour photos to help you teach about water and its significance. Includes classroom activities, case studies, ... full record
Environmental Preservation Activities by Institute for Humane Education
Environmental Preservation Humane Education Activities feature lesson plans & activities that explore issues related to environmental preservation and ... full record
Animal Protection Activities by Institute for Humane Education
Animal Protection Humane Education Activities feature lesson plans & activities that explore issues related to the protection and welfare of nonhuman animals ... full record
Using Their Words by Social Justice Critical Inquiry Project
Using their Words showcases social justice education projects in elementary school classrooms. All the units housed on this site: -were designed and ... full record
Facing the Future
Facing the Future is your one-stop shop for teaching about global issues and sustainability. We provide teacher lesson plan books, student textbooks, and ... full record
Real World Social Justice Curriculum Guide by Real World Professional Development
11th Grade Social Justice EXCERPT.pdf — PDF document, 331Kb This is a sample from Real World's Social Justice Curriculum Guide for High School. It is 116 pages and is available in Spanish. Social justice curriculum ... full record
IndyKids, November/December 2009 issue by IndyKids
PDFfinal.pdf — PDF document, 5800Kb #22.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 54Kb This issue includes personal accounts and photos from students in rural Alaska about how climate change has affected them. Also find articles about the ... full record Lesson Plans by launched school curriculum materials for World Water Day, March 22. Stand-alone lesson plans are part of larger units that cover a broad scope of ... full record
No Impact Project Environmental Curriculum by No Impact Project
When Colin Beavan (aka “No Impact Man”) and his family decided to try living for a year in New York City without doing any harm to the environment (the “No ... full record
The Whale's Stomach & Environmental Justice by Institute for Humane Education
Preview: The bag of items represents the stomach contents of a dying, 28-foot female sperm whale found on a beach in North Carolina in December, 1992. ... full record
Math & the Vanishing Rainforests by Institute for Humane Education
A discussion of the importance of Rainforests and how we can analyze their health. Writer: Pamela Krausz, Institute for Humane Education Grades: 6 through ... full record