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Chicago School History Lessons 2-5 by Chicago Grassroots Curriculum Taskforce
Unit4_Boyctt_LP2.docx — Zip archive, 32Kb Unit4_Boyctt_LP3.docx — Zip archive, 33Kb Unit4_Boyctt_LP4.docx — Zip archive, 34Kb Unit4_Boyctt_LP5.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 50Kb These lesson plans go with the Chicago School History Readings full record
Chicago School History Readings and Lesson 1 by Chicago Grassroots Curriculum Taskforce
School Struggles Short.pdf — PDF document, 14753Kb School Struggles UPDATED 10_19_13 .pdf — PDF document, 23724Kb Unit4_Boyctt_LP1.docx — Zip archive, 30Kb This is a history of Chicago public schools from a bottom-up perspective, with a particular focus on the 1963 Chicago School Boycott when more than 200,000 ... full record
Chicago School History Activities by Chicago Grassroots Curriculum Taskforce
H1_Hypothesis.pdf — PDF document, 1995Kb H2_Reading Anal.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 38Kb H3_Strategies.pdf — PDF document, 171Kb H4_Connections.pdf — PDF document, 57Kb These are activities that go with the Chicago School History reading. full record
SoundOut Student Voice Toolkit by SoundOut
Examples, organizations, publications, and other resources about student voice in schools. full record
The African American Experience and Issues of Race and Racism in U.S. Schools by Ithaca College WISE
List of web links, bibliography, and films related to the African-American educational experience. full record
Education by Radical Math
This page of the Radical Math site offers math curricula and resources about education. full record
Racial Profiling by Radical Math
This page of the Radical Math site offers math curricula and resources on racial profiling. full record
Standardized Testing by Radical Math
This page of the Radical Math site offers math curricula and resources about standardized testing. full record
1964 Mississippi Freedom School Curriculum by San Francisco Freedom School
In the summer of 1964, over forty Freedom Schools opened in Mississippi. These schools were part of Freedom Summer, a project of the Southern Civil Rights ... full record
Camino de la Universidad by Lumina Foundation
Camino de la Universidad (The Road to College) is a rich media summary of research based on work done by Raymond Padilla, University of Texas San Antonio. ... full record
Revealing Racist Roots: The 3 R's for Teaching about the Jena 6 by Teacher Activist Groups
Revealing Racist Roots.pdf — PDF document, 961Kb The Jena 6 is much bigger than the spirit of Jim Crow being found alive and well in the South. The Jena 6 crystallizes the police violence, discrimination, and ... full record
Youth Camera Action: School to Prison Pipeline
This resource includes 1) the Youth Camera Action DVD, featuring three 5 min youth produced films on the School to Prison Pipeline and the over-policing of New ... full record
Time for Sight: The Debate over Color Blindness and Race-Consciousness in School Integration Policy by Anti-Defamation League
This secondary level lesson plan explores the 2007 Supreme Court decision on voluntary school integration plans within the broader context of the Brown v. ... full record
Looking Back Reaching Forward: Exploring the Promise ofBrown v. Board of Education 50 Years Later by Anti-Defamation League
Six secondary level lesson plans that commemorate Brown, explore the history of school desegregation in the U.S. and examine current patterns of resegregation ... full record
Raising Awareness about People with Disabilities by Anti-Defamation League
Elementary, middle and high school lessons that explore various forms of disability, challenge myths and stereotypes about people living with disabilities, and ... full record
PeaceGAMES by Women of Color Resource Center
cover image smaller web.jpg — JPEG image, 41Kb PeaceGAMES is an education and organizing resource that uses popular education methodologies and a multi-media approach to encourage reflection, discussion and ... full record
Cyberbullying: Understanding and Addressing Online Cruelty by Anti-Defamation League
Lessons and resources for elementary, middle and high school students that introduce young people to information and skills about Internet communication, ... full record
Educate to Liberate: The Truth Will Set Us Free
officialfreeminds.ppt — PowerPoint presentation, 838Kb 5 Step Lesson Design.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 19Kb Power Point Presentation explaining use of 5 Step Lesson Design as a tool for social justice pedagogy. full record
Environmental Preservation Activities by Institute for Humane Education
Environmental Preservation Humane Education Activities feature lesson plans & activities that explore issues related to environmental preservation and ... full record
Media, Culture & Consumerism Activities by Institute for Humane Education
Cultural Issues Humane Education Activities feature lesson plans & activities that explore issues related to the influence and impact of media and social ... full record
Animal Protection Activities by Institute for Humane Education
Animal Protection Humane Education Activities feature lesson plans & activities that explore issues related to the protection and welfare of nonhuman animals ... full record
Multi-issue Humane Education Activities by Institute for Humane Education
Multi-Issue Humane Education Activities feature lesson plans & activities that explore humane issues more comprehensively; they encompass more than one of our ... full record
Examining Social Class Experientially
Examining Class Experientially-Variations on Star Power.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 40Kb This activity experientially creates a social class structure and allows participants to investigate their actions--conscious and unconscious--and roles in the ... full record
Exploring Banned and Challenged Books: A Collaborative Project
LSJ_banned_books_report.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 35Kb This report explains a community collaborative project that explored banned and challenged books in a variety of contexts and venues in St. Louis, MO. full record
Youth & the U.S. Justice System by W. Haywood Burns Institute
This 120-page popular education-based history curriculum traces developments in the juvenile justice system from the 1500’s to the policies and practices of ... full record
Using Their Words by Social Justice Critical Inquiry Project
Using their Words showcases social justice education projects in elementary school classrooms. All the units housed on this site: -were designed and ... full record
Real World Social Justice Curriculum Guide by Real World Professional Development
11th Grade Social Justice EXCERPT.pdf — PDF document, 331Kb This is a sample from Real World's Social Justice Curriculum Guide for High School. It is 116 pages and is available in Spanish. Social justice curriculum ... full record
"Mass Appeal": Critically Analyzing Mass Media and Creating Counter Narratives by 122nd Street Room42 YoungStarZ, WYC (WattsYouthCollective)
This is a collection of activities used in the classroom with fifth graders and in the community with WattsYouthCollective (WYC) youth ranging from 6th-college ... full record
IndyKids May/June 2010 by IndyKids
indykids_iss25.pdf — PDF document, 2375Kb #25.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 49Kb The May/June 2010 issue includes articles about the Supreme Court, immigrant rights, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, reading critically this summer, ... full record
Introducing Democratic Education in the Classroom by Institute for Democratic Education in America
IDEA is providing these lesson plans and activities to support educators, students, and youth workers in their efforts to bring democratic educational ... full record