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Struggle to Prevent Genocide in the Post-Holocaust Era by ADL Curriculum Connections
These four secondary level lessons explore what the world has done to achieve the ideal of "never again" since the Holocaust, examine why these efforts have ... full record
Survival to Service: Examining the Life of Abraham H. Foxman, Hidden Child of the Holocaust by Anti-Defamation League
This lesson plan (with accompanying resources) for middle and high school students, based on the life of a ADL National Director and Hidden Child Abraham ... full record
Challenging Anti-Semitism: Debunking the Myths & Responding with Facts by Anti-Defamation League
Elementary, middle and high school lessons that explore anti-Semitism, challenge myths and stereotypes about Jewish people, and provide ways for young people ... full record
Tribute to Giovanni Palatucci and Righteous Heroes of the Holocaust by Anti-Defamation League
This lesson plan for upper middle and high school students explores the life of Giovanni Palatucci, a Holocaust rescuer, and other Righteous Among Nations ... full record
Feathers in the Wind: A Jewish-American's Story by RaceBridges for Schools
Feathers in the Wind: A Jewish American’s Story invites students and teachers of all religious and cultural backgrounds to reflect on their own lives and to ... full record
The People v. Leo Frank Teacher’s Guide by Anti-Defamation League
The People v Leo Frank, a documentary written and directed by Ben Loeterman, brings to life one of the most fascinating criminal cases in American history: the ... full record
More than a Label: Analyizing Attitudes & Practicing Tolerance by Institute for Humane Education
More Than a Label.pdf — PDF document, 93Kb This activity inspires students to think about their own areas of bigotry and to identify how we develop our attitudes about others, and it empowers them to ... full record
Teaching Anti-Hate Using the Holocaust as a Lens by Teachers for Social Justice
Holocaust Unit.docx — Zip archive, 145Kb What is hate? To begin our study about standing up against hate, the students and I brainstormed words and situations that we associated with the word HATE. We ... full record
Love, Race, and Liberation: ‘Til the White Day is Done
Love, Race, and Liberation.pdf — PDF document, 232Kb The title of this guide gives a nod to one of the greatest poets of the Twentieth Century. ‘Til the White Day is Done is a line from the 1926 poem Dream ... full record
That's Not Fair!: Guide and Handbook by Ma'yan, a program of The JCC in Manhattan
TNF Handbook FINAL.pdf — PDF document, 3861Kb That's Not Fair! is Ma'yan's Social Justice Apprenticeship, where Ma'yan staff collaborate with working artists to teach girls how to use art to educate, ... full record