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Ellin (Joseph and Nancy) Freedom Summer Collection by University of Southern Mississippi
Primary sources relating to Freedom Summer in Mississippi. full record
Examination Days: The New York African Free School Collection by New York Historical Society
Digital archive of resources from the New York African Free School. full record
Teaching Brown: Reflections on Pedagogical Challenges and Opportunities by Trinity College
full record
Civil Rights 1955-1960 by Oakham School, Oakham, England
Civil Rights 1957-60.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 45Kb Notes on the Civil Rights Movement 1955-1960. full record
The Eisenhower Era 1952-1960 by Oakham School, Oakham, England
40_Eisenhower_Era.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 46Kb Textbook notes on the era of Dwight D. Eisenhower 1952-1960. From the website: full record
Words That Heal: Using Children's Literature to Address Bullying by Anti-Defamation League
Discussion guides for five children's books that address bullying, a bibliography of children's literature on bullying, and information for educators about ... full record