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Learning Activities using [the film] "The Yes Men Fix the World" by The Yes Men
The first part of the guide has suggested learning activities to prepare students to understand the movie at a deeper level: ⇒ thinking about satire and its ... full record
The Midterm Elections: What are they? What's at stake? by The Change Agent
Midterm elections get decidedly less attention than the presidential elections, but they still determine many important factors about our government. This ... full record
Humane Society Lesson Plans for Teachers by Humane Society
The following lesson plans are designed to teach age-appropriate, standards-based academic skills and major character concepts—kindness, citizenship, fairness, ... full record
Staying Safe in a Toxic World by World Education/The Change Agent
CA_32.pdf — PDF document, 16499Kb extras costal.pdf — PDF document, 1205Kb extras Jaumot-Pascual.pdf — PDF document, 809Kb extras who works.pdf — PDF document, 199Kb When people think of “the environment,” they often imagine natural landscapes—forests, oceans, and mountains. But your home and yard, nearby parks, schools ... full record
Resources for Educators
Provides quality resources for teachers and administrators, including free curriculum, fundraising and grant writing materials, service learning projects, ... full record