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The Katherine Dunham Collection by Library of Congress
Video clips, timeline, articles full record
Black Arts Movement by University of Michigan
Covers key concepts, timeline, extensive bibliograpy and key people in the Black Arts Movement full record
Co-workers in the Kingdom of Culture: Black Swan Records and the Political Economy of African American Music by Teaching the JAH
Four lessons plans using primary documents and resources that address the political economy of African American music full record
Duke Ellington Centennial Celebration by National Association for Music Education, ArtsEdge, Smithsonian
Timeline, lesson plans with resources, audio clips, photo scrapbook, student work inspired by Ellington full record
Café Africana by Café Africana
Meeting place for African arts and more. full record
Revealing Racist Roots: The 3 R's for Teaching about the Jena 6 by Teacher Activist Groups
Revealing Racist Roots.pdf — PDF document, 961Kb The Jena 6 is much bigger than the spirit of Jim Crow being found alive and well in the South. The Jena 6 crystallizes the police violence, discrimination, and ... full record
Against All Odds by United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees
"Against All Odds" is a free online video game that lets students follow a young person's flight from oppression in his or her home country to exile in an ... full record
Youth-Powered Video: A Hands-On Curriculum for Teaching Documentary by Educational Video Center
Based on the Educational Video Center's two decades of experience, this comprehensive curriculum package gives middle and high school staff developers and ... full record
Favela Rising Movie & Lessons by Teachers College
favela_rising_curriculum_final.pdf — PDF document, 524Kb This screening guide offers a 2-hour workshop agenda, or a week-long series of lessons to accompany the film "Favela Rising" on youth development work in the ... full record
Open Caucus civic engagement program for high school students by Active Citizen Project
OC Fall 08 -- Double-Sided Flyer.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 263Kb OC Fall 08 -- Registration Form.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 242Kb Open Caucus (OC) is a community-based and online civic activity for high school classes. It's a series of creative social studies activities that teachers can ... full record
Multi-issue Humane Education Activities by Institute for Humane Education
Multi-Issue Humane Education Activities feature lesson plans & activities that explore humane issues more comprehensively; they encompass more than one of our ... full record
Something is Wrong: Exploring the Roots of Youth Violence
Through this 350-page curriculum guide we want to challenge youth to think about a) the roots of violence in their lives; b) the enforcers and victims of ... full record
Using Maps to Explore Place Awareness Through Abstract Design by Teachers for Social Justice
_1_Using_Maps_to_Explore_Place_Awareness_Thro.pdf — PDF document, 515Kb Even though students may live in a city, where the people they encounter each day come from all over, they might still be unfamiliar with any neighborhood ... full record
Visual & Cultural Backgrounds through the Art of Robert Grober by Teachers for Social Justice
K-Moncton_TSJ_Lesson.pdf — PDF document, 102Kb The contemporary artist Robert Gober gives a new, subversive meaning to wallpaper, juxtaposing the image of a black man being lynched next to the image of ... full record
Using Visual Arts to Explore Local Community
visual arts and local community.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 1306Kb A visual arts lesson plan that allows students to explore their connection to their local community. For very young students to begin to foster a sense of ... full record
Learning Activities using [the film] "The Yes Men Fix the World" by The Yes Men
The first part of the guide has suggested learning activities to prepare students to understand the movie at a deeper level: ⇒ thinking about satire and its ... full record
If I Had A Trillion Dollars... by The National Priorities Project and American Friends Service Committee
IHTD Curriculum Final_0.pdf — PDF document, 2641Kb This complementary curriculum was developed to help students think about their federal priorities and spark discussion. The National Priorities Project and the ... full record
Resources for Educators
Provides quality resources for teachers and administrators, including free curriculum, fundraising and grant writing materials, service learning projects, ... full record