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A More Perfect Union: President Obama's Speech on Race by RaceBridges for Schools
A flexible teaching tool for the classrroom about race relations and America using President Barrack Obama's speech in 2008 on Race Relations. full record
Feathers in the Wind: A Jewish-American's Story by RaceBridges for Schools
Feathers in the Wind: A Jewish American’s Story invites students and teachers of all religious and cultural backgrounds to reflect on their own lives and to ... full record
Connecting the Dots: Racism, Activism & Creating a Life by RaceBridges for Schools
African American Storyteller Michael McCarty tells his true story Connecting the Dots: Racism, Activism & Creating a Life. Racism in Chicago ... the Black ... full record
Youth & the U.S. Justice System by W. Haywood Burns Institute
This 120-page popular education-based history curriculum traces developments in the juvenile justice system from the 1500’s to the policies and practices of ... full record
Using Their Words by Social Justice Critical Inquiry Project
Using their Words showcases social justice education projects in elementary school classrooms. All the units housed on this site: -were designed and ... full record
A Katrina Reader: Readings by & for Anti-Racist Educators and Organizers
A collection of close to 700 articles, reports, and resources, organized thematically, that attempts to document the history of racism and resistance on the ... full record
Fences by Austin Social Justice Teacher Inquiry Group
Fences.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 44Kb This is an outline of an approach to teaching Fences by August Wilson. Teachers will see the kinds of questions and inquiry that lead students to think about ... full record
CIVIO, A Civil Rights Game by Reach And Teach
CIVIO is a strategy card game that explores the relationship of issues, freedoms, laws, and Supreme Court cases that have both strengthened and reduced civil ... full record
Something is Wrong: Exploring the Roots of Youth Violence
Through this 350-page curriculum guide we want to challenge youth to think about a) the roots of violence in their lives; b) the enforcers and victims of ... full record
The People v. Leo Frank Teacher’s Guide by Anti-Defamation League
The People v Leo Frank, a documentary written and directed by Ben Loeterman, brings to life one of the most fascinating criminal cases in American history: the ... full record
Something is Wrong: Exploring the Roots of Youth Violence
Project NIA, the Chicago Freedom School and Teachers for Social Justice have partnered along with other volunteers to develop a curriculum guide in order to ... full record
Understanding Social Systems through the Olympics Bid by Teachers for Social Justice
Olympics Action Research Project.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 112Kb This lesson plan will present material on a student action-research project around the Olympics created for a high school History course. It's geared towards ... full record
Visual & Cultural Backgrounds through the Art of Robert Grober by Teachers for Social Justice
K-Moncton_TSJ_Lesson.pdf — PDF document, 102Kb The contemporary artist Robert Gober gives a new, subversive meaning to wallpaper, juxtaposing the image of a black man being lynched next to the image of ... full record
More than a Label: Analyizing Attitudes & Practicing Tolerance by Institute for Humane Education
More Than a Label.pdf — PDF document, 93Kb This activity inspires students to think about their own areas of bigotry and to identify how we develop our attitudes about others, and it empowers them to ... full record
What Young People Should Know Before Joining the Military by Teachers for Social Justice
Beforejoiningthemilitary.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 74Kb “What Young People Should Know Before Joining the Military” is a unit designed for a 10th grade US History class. The historical component revolves around ... full record
Teaching Anti-Hate Using the Holocaust as a Lens by Teachers for Social Justice
Holocaust Unit.docx — Zip archive, 145Kb What is hate? To begin our study about standing up against hate, the students and I brainstormed words and situations that we associated with the word HATE. We ... full record
Love, Race, and Liberation: ‘Til the White Day is Done
Love, Race, and Liberation.pdf — PDF document, 232Kb The title of this guide gives a nod to one of the greatest poets of the Twentieth Century. ‘Til the White Day is Done is a line from the 1926 poem Dream ... full record
"Shared Struggles": Activities Towards Decolonizing Urban Youth by 122nd Street/ WattsYouthCollective (WYC)
5thGradeSocialStudies.FirstAmericans.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 81Kb 5thGradeSocialStudies[1][1].ExplorersResearch.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 1959Kb Thankstaking Poem.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 57Kb NotMyHair_Opening_activity.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 21Kb The following activities are used in the first part of the academic school year with fifth grades (although I have used it with 4th graders too). The goal of ... full record
"Mass Appeal": Critically Analyzing Mass Media and Creating Counter Narratives by 122nd Street Room42 YoungStarZ, WYC (WattsYouthCollective)
This is a collection of activities used in the classroom with fifth graders and in the community with WattsYouthCollective (WYC) youth ranging from 6th-college ... full record
IndyKids May/June 2010 by IndyKids
indykids_iss25.pdf — PDF document, 2375Kb #25.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 49Kb The May/June 2010 issue includes articles about the Supreme Court, immigrant rights, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, reading critically this summer, ... full record
The Schooling Biographies Project: Re/Writing Our Lives Through Counter-Storytelling by Association of Raza Educators
SchoolingBiographiesProject.pdf — PDF document, 1898Kb This curriculum resource guide is intended for progressive educators who want to develop a better understanding of decolonizing curricula and pedagogy. ... full record
The New Sex Ed by Expanding the Movement for Empowerment and Reproductive Justice (EMERJ)
The New Sex Ed is a multi-media online resource that you can use to bring sexuality education JUSTICE to your communities. These tools were created by ... full record
Learning Activities using [the film] "The Yes Men Fix the World" by The Yes Men
The first part of the guide has suggested learning activities to prepare students to understand the movie at a deeper level: ⇒ thinking about satire and its ... full record
Shades of Youth by CoAction Connection
This film and accompanying curriculum, offer multiple views and experiences around race and privilege, giving youth and adults entry points to discuss and ... full record
IndyKids November/December 2010 issue by IndyKids
This issue features a Chicago school community's struggle for a school library, a debate over charter schools, and articles on solar energy, President Obama's ... full record
IndyKids Jan/Feb 2011 Issue by IndyKids
indykids_iss28.pdf — PDF document, 3154Kb This issue of IndyKids includes stories on protests in Europe to cuts in spending on education and services, the revelations by WikiLeaks, justice for Black ... full record
ABCs of LGBT 2
What is a Princess.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 26Kb Gender Bias Activity List.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 20Kb Act Like a Boy.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 50Kb bias awareness story.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 21Kb These Lesson plans are perfect entry points to exploring hetero-normative attitudes on the early elementary grades. The focus is on gender bias, which lays ... full record
That's Not Fair!: Guide and Handbook by Ma'yan, a program of The JCC in Manhattan
TNF Handbook FINAL.pdf — PDF document, 3861Kb That's Not Fair! is Ma'yan's Social Justice Apprenticeship, where Ma'yan staff collaborate with working artists to teach girls how to use art to educate, ... full record