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EarthCafe 2050

Earth Café 2050 is an interactive demonstration of Ecological Footprinting developed by the students in the Environmental Studies capstone course at Ithaca College. The “ecological footprint” is a technique that quantifies the land resources required to support humans depending on their lifestyles. Using "menu driven" information, Earth Café 2050 calculates your footprint using Mathis Wackernagel's 2003 Household Ecological Footprint Calculator. This method requires some simple assumptions about the weight of various goods, and average number of pieces of furniture per room to easily convert answers into units of productive land. Today's ecological footprint illustrates the human impact on the environment by acknowledging how many earths would be required if everyone in 2050 lived at your current standard of living.

Social Justice: Environment

Ecological Footprint, Sustainability, Resources

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