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IndyKids Issue 9, May/June 2007 by IndyKids indykids_iss09.pdf — PDF document, 4446Kb mayjune_2007.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 53Kb

Includes a cover story on the detainment of child immigrants in the United States, articles on where U.S. taxpayer money goes, the firing of U.S. attorneys by Alberto Gonzalez, a victory against McDonald's by farm workers, the exoneration of death row inmates using DNA technology, military recruiting in schools, Turkish denial of the Armenian genocide, melting ice in Alaska, malaria in Africa, an expose on the danger facing many journalists around the world, and more!

Social Justice: General

elementary, middle
lesson plan
Africa, Armenia, Alaska, Turkey
Immigrant Detainees, U.S. military budget, Coalition of Immokalee Workers, McDonald's farmer workers, Global Warming, Death Penalty, Investigative Journalism, Military Recruitment, Food Stamp Act, Armenian Genocide, Malaria in Africa

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