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Breaking the Silence by UNESCO, Anti-Slavery International, British Council, NORAD

Breaking the Silence – Learning about the Transatlantic Slave Trade presents the user with a range of information as well as perspectives, from teacher ‘Briefings’ which have been contributed by people from the three regions represented in this site (Africa, Caribbean and Americas and Europe), pages of ‘Links’ to useful websites, easily downloadable ‘Ready to use lesson plans and activities’, a ‘Pick and Mix’ assortment of useful resources that teachers can adapt and use creatively across the curriculum, virtual ‘Slave Routes’ that map out places and people connected to the slave trade or its legacy, in different countries across the three regions and ‘Up from Slavery’, an activity for students or young people that charts a journey through from enslavement to emancipation.

African American History: Slavery
International History: Africa
International History: Caribbean

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Haiti, England
Transatlantic Slave Trade, Atlantic Slave Trade, Slave Routes, People Trafficking, Racism, African History, Caribbean History, Haitian Revolution, Abolition, Slave Life, Emancipation, Freedom, Economy, Profitability, Economics, Trade, Slave Ships, Resistance, Revolts, Children, Escape, Fugitive Slaves, Politics, Reparations, Child Labor, Labor, Work, Slavery, Haiti, England, African American History, Black History

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