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Against All Odds by United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees

"Against All Odds" is a free online video game that lets students follow a young person's flight from oppression in his or her home country to exile in an asylum country. The game is intended to increase students' awareness and knowledge about refugees – where they come from, what situations they have faced and how they adapt to their new lives. UNHCR offers free educational materials for teachers of grades 4-12, including lesson plans, magazines, videos, posters and games.

International History
Anti-Oppression/Critical Consciousness: Race/Racism
Anti-Oppression/Critical Consciousness: Gender/Sexism
Social Justice: General
Social Justice: Immigration
Social Justice: War and Peace

elementary, middle, high
teacher training materials, lesson plan, primary resource
Refugee, Refugees, Video Game, Role Play, Simulation, United Nations, UN, Computer, Internet

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