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Africans in America by PBS

The site is structured into four parts, corresponding to the periods covered by the episodes of the companion television series. For each part, there is a Narrative, which relates the history of the period and provides links to specific entries in the Resource Bank. The Resource Bank is a compilation of over 400 items, comprised of People and Events entries (in-depth biographies and historical notes), Historical Documents (annotated visual materials and texts), and Modern Voices (commentaries excerpted from the original interviews with experts who appear on-camera in the television series). The Teacher's Guide provides a context for teachers and students to use the Web and the television series in and out of the classroom. There are two lessons included in each part, providing a suggested structure for using several of the primary source materials in the Resource Bank.

African American History: Slavery
African American History: Civil War/Reconstruction

lesson plan, article, primary resource
Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Haiti, Kansas
Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, John Brown, George Washington, Lord Dunmore, James Forten, Jarena Lee, Richard Allen
Slavery, American Revolution, Civil War, War, Pennsylvania, Racism, Transatlantic Slave Trade, Atlantic Slave Trade, Economy, Economics, Freedom, Middle Passage, Resistance, Escape, Fugitive Slaves, Religion, Blackface, Minstrels, Music, Arts, Theatre, Abolition, Laws, Legislation, Court Cases, Trials, African History, New York, Massachusetts, Haiti, Kansas, African American History, Black History

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