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1964 Mississippi Freedom School Curriculum by Sylvia Braselmann, editor at San Francisco Freedom School

In the summer of 1964, over forty Freedom Schools opened in Mississippi. These schools were part of Freedom Summer, a project of the Southern Civil Rights Movement, with the goal to empower African Americans in Mississippi to become active citizens and agents of social change. The curriculum of the summer Freedom Schools was a series of documents that, taken together, offer one of the most successful examples of a progressive, experiential curriculum that emphasized student-centered teaching and learning-by-doing. This website offers teachers and students, as well as scholars and interested citizens, a chance to peruse and use any of the original documents created for the Freedom Schools. Teaching materials for the MFSC are also available at this site.

African American History: Civil Rights Movement
Anti-Oppression/Critical Consciousness: Race/Racism
Organizing Skills
Social Justice: General
Social Justice: Education
Social Justice: Poverty & Economic Issues

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Charles Cobb, Bob Moses, Septima Clark, Annelle Ponder, Victoria Jackson Gray Adams, Fannie Lou Hamer, Aaron Henry, Ed King, Jane Stenbridge, Staughton Lynd
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