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"Shared Struggles": Activities Towards Decolonizing Urban Youth by 122nd Street/ WattsYouthCollective (WYC)
5thGradeSocialStudies.FirstAmericans.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 81Kb 5thGradeSocialStudies[1][1].ExplorersResearch.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 1959Kb Thankstaking Poem.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 57Kb NotMyHair_Opening_activity.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 21Kb The following activities are used in the first part of the academic school year with fifth grades (although I have used it with 4th graders too). The goal of ... full record
"Mass Appeal": Critically Analyzing Mass Media and Creating Counter Narratives by 122nd Street Room42 YoungStarZ, WYC (WattsYouthCollective)
This is a collection of activities used in the classroom with fifth graders and in the community with WattsYouthCollective (WYC) youth ranging from 6th-college ... full record
IndyKids May/June 2010 by IndyKids
indykids_iss25.pdf — PDF document, 2375Kb #25.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 49Kb The May/June 2010 issue includes articles about the Supreme Court, immigrant rights, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, reading critically this summer, ... full record
Great Peacemakers
facing_flat_72dpi[1].jpg — JPEG image, 321Kb Great Peacemakers tells the true life stories of 20 great peacemakers from around the world in 5 paths to peace. Winner of more than 30 awards, the book is ... full record
Introducing Democratic Education in the Classroom by Institute for Democratic Education in America
IDEA is providing these lesson plans and activities to support educators, students, and youth workers in their efforts to bring democratic educational ... full record
The Schooling Biographies Project: Re/Writing Our Lives Through Counter-Storytelling by Association of Raza Educators
SchoolingBiographiesProject.pdf — PDF document, 1898Kb This curriculum resource guide is intended for progressive educators who want to develop a better understanding of decolonizing curricula and pedagogy. ... full record
The New Sex Ed by Expanding the Movement for Empowerment and Reproductive Justice (EMERJ)
The New Sex Ed is a multi-media online resource that you can use to bring sexuality education JUSTICE to your communities. These tools were created by ... full record
Media In Action Curriculum by Global Action Project
The product of over two decades of experience, Global Action Project's Media In Action Curriculum is available here for free download. Grab it, read it, use ... full record
The Gulf Oil Disaster by The Choices Program
In this free one-day activity students use political cartoons to consider issues raised by the 2010 oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico including impact, ... full record
Buy, Use, Toss? A Closer Look at the Things We Buy by Facing the Future
Buy, Use, Toss? A Closer Look at the Things We Buy is an interdisciplinary unit that includes ten fully-planned lessons. This unit is correlated with national ... full record
Learning Activities using [the film] "The Yes Men Fix the World" by The Yes Men
The first part of the guide has suggested learning activities to prepare students to understand the movie at a deeper level: ⇒ thinking about satire and its ... full record
Lessons and Activity Sheets by TeachKind
Teach compassion to animals in your classroom while still teaching the traditional academics! These fun free online lessons and activity sheets are available ... full record
IndyKids, September/October 2010 by IndyKids
In the September/October 2010 issue, you will find articles on the Gulf Oil Spill, the controversy over the construction of an Islamic community center near ... full record
The Midterm Elections: What are they? What's at stake? by The Change Agent
Midterm elections get decidedly less attention than the presidential elections, but they still determine many important factors about our government. This ... full record
Coming Home from War by The Change Agent
With this issue of The Change Agent, "Coming Home from War," we open our pages to veterans, family members of veterans, and war refugees. In their own voices, ... full record
Fashion: The Power, The Peril, and the Passion by The Change Agent
Fashion is a topic that can be both fun and serious. In this thought provoking, visually appealing issue of The Change Agent, we examine: how our clothes make ... full record
Shades of Youth by CoAction Connection
This film and accompanying curriculum, offer multiple views and experiences around race and privilege, giving youth and adults entry points to discuss and ... full record
If I Had A Trillion Dollars... by The National Priorities Project and American Friends Service Committee
IHTD Curriculum Final_0.pdf — PDF document, 2641Kb This complementary curriculum was developed to help students think about their federal priorities and spark discussion. The National Priorities Project and the ... full record
Colectivo Flatlander Resources by Colectivo Flatlander
A collection of introductory resources on popular education and community organizing. Includes resources in Spanish. full record
Humane Society Lesson Plans for Teachers by Humane Society
The following lesson plans are designed to teach age-appropriate, standards-based academic skills and major character concepts—kindness, citizenship, fairness, ... full record
IndyKids November/December 2010 issue by IndyKids
This issue features a Chicago school community's struggle for a school library, a debate over charter schools, and articles on solar energy, President Obama's ... full record
Cultivate.Coop is an online hub for sharing knowledge and resources on co-ops, as well as a space to practice cooperation and build educational tools for the ... full record
Speak Truth to Power Curriculum by Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights
The Speak Truth to Power curriculum introduces general human rights issues through the stories of some remarkable people working in the field, and urges ... full record
IndyKids Jan/Feb 2011 Issue by IndyKids
indykids_iss28.pdf — PDF document, 3154Kb This issue of IndyKids includes stories on protests in Europe to cuts in spending on education and services, the revelations by WikiLeaks, justice for Black ... full record
Suspension Stories by Project NIA and Rogers Park Young Women’s Action Team
Suspension Stories is a youth-led participatory action research project that incorporates surveys, storytelling, and art to address the issue of harsh school ... full record
Staying Safe in a Toxic World by World Education/The Change Agent
CA_32.pdf — PDF document, 16499Kb extras costal.pdf — PDF document, 1205Kb extras Jaumot-Pascual.pdf — PDF document, 809Kb extras who works.pdf — PDF document, 199Kb When people think of “the environment,” they often imagine natural landscapes—forests, oceans, and mountains. But your home and yard, nearby parks, schools ... full record
IndyKids March/April 2011 issue by IndyKids
indykids_iss29.pdf — PDF document, 6440Kb This issue includes kids from Egypt talking about how they took part in their country's revolution, articles about how to cope with the recession, kids in ... full record
FREE! Morning show curriculum for acclaimed human rights video game, America 2049 by Breakthrough
AM2049CurriculumRelease.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 10217Kb trailer_america2049.m4v — Octet Stream, 13615Kb Good_Every_Day_Day-3.jpg — JPEG image, 10100Kb Human rights organization, Breakthrough, is pleased to share our FREE curriculum, in morning-show video style, "Good Day Every Day," for our acclaimed ... full record
ABC's of LGBT by Town School for Boys
Selling Boy and Girl.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 23Kb Boys Like, Girls Like.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 21Kb Mind your Language.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 28Kb When I Grow Up.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 25Kb These Lesson plans are perfect entry points to exploring hetero-normative attitudes on the early elementary grades. The focus is on gender bias, which lays ... full record
ABCs of LGBT 2
What is a Princess.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 26Kb Gender Bias Activity List.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 20Kb Act Like a Boy.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 50Kb bias awareness story.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 21Kb These Lesson plans are perfect entry points to exploring hetero-normative attitudes on the early elementary grades. The focus is on gender bias, which lays ... full record