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Community MusicWorks Compendium by Community MusicWorks
CMW compendium 7_21 watermark.pdf — PDF document, 1303Kb Half Steps: A Compendium of writing on Community MusicWorks, Volume 1, updated July 2009 Articles: Music and Social Justice: Musicians Effecting ... full record
IndyKids May/June 2011 by IndyKids
The new issue of IndyKids is out! Learn about the earthquake in Japan, same-sex marriage, sources of energy in the United States, the continuing war in ... full record
90 Ideas 180 Days of Support by Dedicated to Make a Change L3C
Complete Booklet-1.pdf — PDF document, 11331Kb As educators, our job is to change bullies' aggressive behavior into being more socially acceptable and create a safe environment. The goal of this booklet is ... full record
'This nonviolent stuff ain't no good. It'll get ya killed.': Teaching about Self-Defense in the African-American Freedom Struggle, in Teaching the Civil Rights Movement eds. Julie Buckner, Houston Roberson, Rhonda Y. Williams, Susan Holt by SUNY Geneseo
This essay discusses the role of armed self-defense in the Civil Rights Movement, the ways it was closely connected to organizing (and not antithetical to ... full record
Remaking History: Barack Obama, Political Cartoons, and the Civil Rights Movement in _Civil Rights History from the Ground Up_ ed. by Emilye Crosby by The Ohio State University
Crosby_ch08-4.pdf — PDF document, 4347Kb This essay offers a compelling analysis of the ways that political cartoons addressing Barack Obama's presidential campaign reflect common distortions of ... full record
Generation Citizen Curriculum by Generation Citizen
Curriculum Rev.01.2011 - NY.pdf — PDF document, 15346Kb Generation Citizen's Action-Civics Curriculum is designed to empower students to recognize their ability to participate in the democratic process and take ... full record
That's Not Fair!: Guide and Handbook by Ma'yan, a program of The JCC in Manhattan
TNF Handbook FINAL.pdf — PDF document, 3861Kb That's Not Fair! is Ma'yan's Social Justice Apprenticeship, where Ma'yan staff collaborate with working artists to teach girls how to use art to educate, ... full record
Girls for Gender Equity Community Walk Guide by Girls for Gender Equity
GGE Comm _Walk_Observation_Guide-1.pdf — PDF document, 113Kb The Girls for Gender Equity (GGE) Urban Leaders Academy After School Program fosters youth leadership, in part, through content and learning experiences that ... full record
"Peaceful Tomorrows" teaching about 9-11 by World Education
This issue of The Change Agent breaks new ground. Done in collaboration with September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, it teaches the history of 9/11, ... full record
Raising the Bar: kids say no cheap labor for chocolate by Indy Kids
Indy Kids discusses the protest over Hershey's use of child labor in it's cocoa growing planations in Africa. It also discusses what Fair Trade is and what it ... full record
Ten Years after September 11 by Indy Kids
Indy Kids discusses the events that have occurred as a result of 9/11 and the status of those various events 10 years after 9/11 full record
Media Giant Under Investigation by Indy Kids
Rupert Murdoch may not be someone you know by name, but he is definitely someone who has an influence on your life. full record
Occupy Wall Street: Classroom lessons on the movement and the issues behind it by Teachable Moment
A collection of lessons related to Occupy Wall Street. full record
Who Are the 99%? Ways to Teach About Occupy Wall Street by The Learning Network
Why are protesters occupying Wall Street? What are they protesting, and what are their goals? In this lesson, students are introduced to Occupy Wall Street and ... full record
"Why Can't We Share? The Occupy Wall St Movement Grows" by Indy Kids
Indy Kids staff discusses Occupy Wall St from its history to its people including interviews by Kid Reporter staff with occupiers full record
Corn and Soy Blend Not Enough for Kids in Africa by Indy Kids
United States sends over a corn and soy blend mix to help with the famine in Africa. However, this basic mix is not nutritionally sufficient for the African ... full record
Indy Kids Nov / Dec 2011 Teacher's Guide by Indy Kids
Indy Kids teacher's guide for our Nov / Dec 2011 issue. Lesson Plan guides for Occupy Wall St, African Famine, Penguins in New Zealand etc.. full record
Slavery Footprint by Call + Response and the State Department’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons
This site features an interactive game that calculates the number of slaves work for you based on your pattern of consumption. full record
Resources for Educators
Provides quality resources for teachers and administrators, including free curriculum, fundraising and grant writing materials, service learning projects, ... full record
Exploring Africa! by Michigan State University African Studies Center
The Exploring Africa! curriculum is divided into Units, Modules, and Learning Activities. Each unit covers a major topic or theme in the study of Africa. ... full record
Africa Resources for Teachers by African Studies Center at Boston University
The Outreach Program at the African Studies Center offers many ways to help teachers teach about Africa. Years of experience with developing curricula and ... full record
Growing Poverty: Hard to Ignore at Home by Indy Kids
Kid Reporter Jenaya Wilder along with Indy Kids staff explores the growing poverty rate within the United States. full record
Father Faces Deportation by Indy Kids
Indy Kids' Kid Reporter Maya Davis explores the effects of the deportation of undocumented immigrants on their families and communities. In this article, she ... full record