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Animal Protection Activities by Institute for Humane Education
Animal Protection Humane Education Activities feature lesson plans & activities that explore issues related to the protection and welfare of nonhuman animals ... full record
Multi-issue Humane Education Activities by Institute for Humane Education
Multi-Issue Humane Education Activities feature lesson plans & activities that explore humane issues more comprehensively; they encompass more than one of our ... full record
Teaching Economics as if People Mattered by United for a Fair Economy
A collection of lesson plans about economics from a social justice perspective. full record
IndyKids Newspaper - November/December 2008
indykids_iss17.pdf — PDF document, 8739Kb TeachersGuide-17.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 43Kb IndyKids takes on the foreclosure crisis in our latest issue - explaining how the mortgage meltdown happened, how it's affecting every day people, and what ... full record
rise and fall of jim crowe by home school
home school full record
Lesson on Classism - 10 Chairs of Inequality by Rethinking Schools Online
This activity is a simulation/visual representation of the unequal distribution of wealth in the United States. It is an effective activity to do with students ... full record
Examining Social Class Experientially
Examining Class Experientially-Variations on Star Power.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 40Kb This activity experientially creates a social class structure and allows participants to investigate their actions--conscious and unconscious--and roles in the ... full record
Palestine Israel Education Project
The Palestine/Israel Education Project (PEP) is an initiative of educators and activists based in New York City, created to engage students in critical ... full record
Class Matters by The New York Times
This website features a collection of interactive graphs and statistics that illustrate class inequalities in the United States. It also includes articles and ... full record
IndyKids January/February 2009 by IndyKids Newspaper
indykids_iss18.PDF — PDF document, 2448Kb #18 - To Print.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 42Kb IndyKids takes a look at who Obama is appointing to his cabinet in the latest issue, and provides a retrospective on news and issues from 2008 in our Year in ... full record
Classroom Resources for Inauguration Day by Teaching Tolerance
In January, 2009, Barack Obama became the first African American to serve as the President of the United States. Teaching Tolerance is pleased to release this ... full record
Social Studies Resources by Social Studies Task Force
This website was developed by the Social Studies Task force in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to address the need for valuable resources that promote equity and social ... full record
Valentine's Day in the Classroom by International Labor Rights Forum
ILRF has developed a unique lesson plan for educators to use as a way to initiate discussion and learning about cut flower workers' labor rights. This lesson ... full record
Labor Rights in the Classroom by International Labor Rights Forum
This site is designed for educators who want to integrate lessons about labor rights issues into the classroom. It includes links to various resources and ... full record
Beat it! Defeat it! Racist Cookies! We Won't Eat it! by New York University
Racist Bakery Lessons-Units-1.pdf — PDF document, 266Kb On Thursday, January 17th, Fox 5 News in New York City reported a story about a baker in Greenwich Village who was selling “Drunken Negro Head” cookies, yes, ... full record
IndyKids Issue 19: March 2009 by IndyKids
indykids_iss19.pdf — PDF document, 3245Kb TeachersGuide-19.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 37Kb We spotlight the food contamination crisis and discuss sustainable agriculture, take a look at who makes trash, where it goes and why there’s so much of it, ... full record
Pacific Link: The KQED Asian Education Initiative by KQED
These lesson plan units were developed to work with the video-short "Discovering Angel Island: The Story Behind the Poems." The Angel Island Immigration ... full record
A More Perfect Union: President Obama's Speech on Race by RaceBridges for Schools
A flexible teaching tool for the classrroom about race relations and America using President Barrack Obama's speech in 2008 on Race Relations. full record
Feathers in the Wind: A Jewish-American's Story by RaceBridges for Schools
Feathers in the Wind: A Jewish American’s Story invites students and teachers of all religious and cultural backgrounds to reflect on their own lives and to ... full record
Connecting the Dots: Racism, Activism & Creating a Life by RaceBridges for Schools
African American Storyteller Michael McCarty tells his true story Connecting the Dots: Racism, Activism & Creating a Life. Racism in Chicago ... the Black ... full record
Exploring Banned and Challenged Books: A Collaborative Project
LSJ_banned_books_report.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 35Kb This report explains a community collaborative project that explored banned and challenged books in a variety of contexts and venues in St. Louis, MO. full record
IndyKids Summer 2009 Issue by IndyKids
indykids_iss20.pdf — PDF document, 4111Kb In this issue, two kids describe their experience growing up with two dads as part of the cover story on same-sex marriage. The issue also includes articles on ... full record
Why Is John Brown Still Controversial?
John Brown workshop outline june 12.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 29Kb Outline of a workshop on John Brown and the issues he raises. full record
Youth & the U.S. Justice System by W. Haywood Burns Institute
This 120-page popular education-based history curriculum traces developments in the juvenile justice system from the 1500’s to the policies and practices of ... full record
Using Their Words by Social Justice Critical Inquiry Project
Using their Words showcases social justice education projects in elementary school classrooms. All the units housed on this site: -were designed and ... full record
A Katrina Reader: Readings by & for Anti-Racist Educators and Organizers
A collection of close to 700 articles, reports, and resources, organized thematically, that attempts to document the history of racism and resistance on the ... full record
Fences by Austin Social Justice Teacher Inquiry Group
Fences.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 44Kb This is an outline of an approach to teaching Fences by August Wilson. Teachers will see the kinds of questions and inquiry that lead students to think about ... full record
Why Did This Happen? by The Brotherhood/Sister Sol
The NEW curriculum from The Brotherhood/Sister Sol for helping young people engage in critical inquiry, develop a love of learning, and transform their lives. full record
Facing the Future
Facing the Future is your one-stop shop for teaching about global issues and sustainability. We provide teacher lesson plan books, student textbooks, and ... full record
Teach Global Ed
The online modules were developed to provide teachers with easy access to high quality scholarship, primary sources, and web-based connections to five world ... full record