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Chicago School History Lessons 2-5 by Chicago Grassroots Curriculum Taskforce
Unit4_Boyctt_LP2.docx — Zip archive, 32Kb Unit4_Boyctt_LP3.docx — Zip archive, 33Kb Unit4_Boyctt_LP4.docx — Zip archive, 34Kb Unit4_Boyctt_LP5.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 50Kb These lesson plans go with the Chicago School History Readings full record
Chicago School History Readings and Lesson 1 by Chicago Grassroots Curriculum Taskforce
School Struggles Short.pdf — PDF document, 14753Kb School Struggles UPDATED 10_19_13 .pdf — PDF document, 23724Kb Unit4_Boyctt_LP1.docx — Zip archive, 30Kb This is a history of Chicago public schools from a bottom-up perspective, with a particular focus on the 1963 Chicago School Boycott when more than 200,000 ... full record
Chicago School History Activities by Chicago Grassroots Curriculum Taskforce
H1_Hypothesis.pdf — PDF document, 1995Kb H2_Reading Anal.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 38Kb H3_Strategies.pdf — PDF document, 171Kb H4_Connections.pdf — PDF document, 57Kb These are activities that go with the Chicago School History reading. full record
Hispanic Heritage by Thomson Gale
Various resources on hispanic heritage. full record
Lynchings in America by CourtTV
CourtTV article on lynchings in America with bibliography. full record
African American Art Song Alliance by African American Art Song Alliance
full record
Afropop Worldwide by World Music Productions
Guide to African and world music via public radio and the web. full record
Hip-Hop Research Portal by Case Western Reserve University
Monographs, Periodicals, Theses and Dissertations, Bibliographies, Discographies, Audio/Visuals, Encyclopedias and Dictionaries relating to hip hop culture. full record
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month by Infoplease
Resources for celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. full record
Brown at 50: King's Dream or Plessy's Nightmare? by Harvard University
Report on school integration 50 years after Brown v. Board of Education. full record
Brown v. Board of Education, 50 Years Later by George Mason University
List of articles on school integration 50 years after Brown v. Board of Education. full record
The Civil War: Black American Contrbutions to Union Intelligence by CIA
full record
The Civil Rights Project by Harvard University
Research and resources on civil rights history and current events. full record
SoundOut Student Voice Toolkit by SoundOut
Examples, organizations, publications, and other resources about student voice in schools. full record
Slavery by Encyclopedia Britannica
Encyclyopedia Britannica article on slavery. full record
Slavery and Economy in Barbados by BBC
British history article slavery in Barbados with source list. full record
Africa Access by Africa Access
Organization whose aim is to help schools, public libraries, and parents improve the quality of their children's collections on Africa. This site includes an ... full record
The Project on Youth and Non-Military Opportunities by Project YANO
Free publications on counter recruitment, military enlistment, JROTC, and non-military alternatives. full record
DMZ: A Guide to Taking Your School Back from the Military by War Resisters League
DMZ is a comprehensive counter military recruitment organizing manual for youth activists and their allies. full record
LANIC: Primary and Secondary Education by Latin American Network Information Center
Resources for language, history, and geography classes, among others, as well as many for native speakers of Spanish and Portuguese. There is a vast range of ... full record
Abolition of the Slave Trade 1807 by BBC
British history online resources on abolition of the slavery in 1807 including an interactive map. full record
Negro Spirituals by
Songs, history, singers, and composers of African American spirituals. full record
Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000 by Binghamton University
Organized around 72 document projects with 2100 primary documents, the Women and Social Movements website offers new ways for students, teachers, and scholars ... full record
Developing Cultural Critical Consciousness and Self-Reflection in Preservice Teacher Education by LookSmart
full record
10 Quick Ways to Analyze Children's Books for Racism and Sexism by Birch Lane Library
full record
SOUL Manuals by School of Unity and Liberation
SOUL has developed three different manuals to support youth and community organizations around the country in running their own political education programs. ... full record
Coretta Scott King Book Awards by American Library Association
Awards given to an African American author and an African American illustrator for an outstandingly inspirational and educational contribution. full record
Black Books Galore! Guide to Great African American Children's Books by Black Books Galore
Online bookstore for African American children's books. Includes a guide that you can purchase online. Does not include online reviews. full record
Themed Reviews: African and African American History by Children's Literature
Site that reviews 4,000 children's books annually. Has a particularly comprehensive list of African American children's books including books on artists and ... full record by Asian American Curriculum Project
Educational organization that distributes books on Asian American history and culture. full record