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Inquiry to Action Group (ItAG)

NYCoreNew York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE)


An ItAG is similar to a study group, but the goal is that after the group inquires into a particular topic, its members will together create action around their area of study, making it a true community of praxis. The topics and themes are always consistent with our points of unity. Educators and allies such as teaching artists, organizers, high school students and activists participate in ItAGs, linking social justice issues with classroom practice.

Goals of Project

ItAGs help fulfill several of NYCoRE's political goals, including networking isolated teachers who are interested in building community around educational justice. By providing opportunities for self-directed political education, teachers and allies read and probe social justice themes and connect theory with their classroom practice. Oftentimes participants continue working together either formally or informally. Several of the NYCoRE working groups were formed and are now led by former ItAG participants. For example, NYQueer started as an ItAG two years ago on supporting LGTB students. idea.jpgIt now meets on an ongoing basis and has held two conferences and other events.  The ItAGs have proven to be a great entry into the organization, giving teachers ongoing roles and leadership opportunities within the organization.  


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