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Education for Liberation Network

The Education for Liberation Network is a national coalition of teachers, community activists, researchers, youth and parents who believe a good education should teach people—particularly low-income youth and youth of color—how to understand and challenge the injustices their communities face.

Free Minds, Free People logo

Free Minds, Free People—a national gathering that brings together teachers, young people, researchers, parents and community based activists/educators from across the country to build a movement to develop and promote education as a tool for liberation. The next Free Minds, Free People will take place in the Twin Cities, MN, July 11-14, 2019!

Edlib Lab



EdLib Lab—an online “laboratory” for finding, discussing and developing social justice teaching materials. The lab features a searchable curriculum database that allows you to find materials, post your own or comment on others.



Planning to Change the World—an annual lesson plan book for social justice teachers that features birthdays and anniversaries from the history of the struggle for justice, references to resources to teach about those dates, inspirational quotes, essential questions and much more.

EdLib Rising

Join Us

EdLib Rising—a space where you can read about events and spaces being organized for educational justice around the U.S., read interviews with organizers about how they try to imagine new and more just worlds into existence.



Join us—There are lots of ways for you to connect with our community. You can sign up for our listserv, like our Facebook page, participate in a regional meeting or come to Free Minds, Free People.














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